Special Event Trip Agreement

Special Event Trips are not part of WOTA’s normal route system. They are event trips for a group which will “rent” the use of a WOTA vehicle for their own use. These trips are requested via dispatch with as much notice as possible. Special Event trips are posted for our drivers to voluntarily sign up for to earn extra money and there is no guarantee that a driver will be available, which is why advance notice is required. All special event trips must stay within the metro Detroit area (Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Livingston and Washtenaw Counties) and can go outside of our normal service areas.

You are responsible to instruct the driver where you would like them to be during the event. Please be as specific as possible (for example, where to park or if you are purchasing a ticket for driver to join event). The driver and the party will exchange phone numbers so that communication can be made during the event time.

The cost of the special event trips are shown below and will be billed after the trip is completed based on how many hours and miles the trip incurred. Payment is expected within 30 days made payable to WOTA.

WOTA vehicles are all lift-equipped and will hold up to 14 passengers.

Cost of Special Event Trips:
$16.00/hr for the driver’s salary per each vehicle used
Mileage: $.60 per mile per each vehicle used
Bus Rental Fee: $50 (waived if it is a community event)

Please fill in the detailed information concerning the trip below. If there are any changes, notify dispatch (248) 887-4979 ASAP. Request a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice, weather and emergency situations considered case-by-case. If you cancel a scheduled trip on the same day, you will still be responsible for a $50 cancellation fee.

All rider guidelines apply to special event trips. Please see our guidelines on the Rider Guidelines website page.

If you agree to the terms and conditions above, please fill in the information below, sign and either submit the online form, email the print friendly pdf to: info@rideWOTA.org or mail the pdf to:

205 W. Livingston Rd.
Highland, MI 48357