Steps to Become a Rider

  1. Eligible riders are residents of Groveland, Highland, Holly, Rose, Waterford and White Lake townships,
    and Village of Holly, Keego Harbor, Lake Angelus, Orchard Lake, Sylvan Lake and Walled Lake. and are
    either a senior (55+ years old), an adult with disabilities (18+ years old, with professional verification), a
    veteran, or low-income families. Pilot program in affect for general population in Highland only.
  2. The following items are necessary to qualify:
    a.   Completed WOTA Application Passenger Information Form,
    b.   Proof of residency (driver’s license, current utility bill, etc.) with your name and address,
    c.   If disabled, a Professional Verification Form is to be completed by the doctor, counselor, etc. proving your disability, WOTA will wait up to 60 days to receive. If low income, complete the verification form found here.
    d.   Low income form.


The registration forms referenced above can be completed online at:, or printed and then emailed to: If you don’t have access to a printer, forms are available at the WOTA office or can be mailed to you. It takes 1-2 days to be registered once forms are received.

Rules to Follow Once a Rider

  1. Rides are provided on a first come, first serve basis. No ride is guaranteed. There is a very real possibility that you will be on the bus with other riders as we are public transportation. We are trying to accommodate as many rides as possible
  2. WOTA is demand response public transportation and schedules change daily based on rides that day, how many people are on the vehicle, traffic, weather, late passengers, issues with passengers, etc. We have no fixed routes. Please be patient and understand your ride will not be the same every time.  We have different drivers and different routes daily.
  3. During inclement weather WOTA may be closed or may only accommodate work and medical appointment rides in your area. A message will be posted on WOTA’s website: and on our Facebook page for you to check.
  4. All driveways, walk-ways and private roads must be cleared.
  5. The driver can only take the passenger to the destination that was scheduled with the dispatcher. Drivers cannot make scheduling adjustments; these must be done ahead of time with dispatch.
  6. Riders can only take one round trip with as many as two (2) stops each day.
  7. WOTA does not allow transportation for medical emergencies. Call 9-1-1.
  8. WOTA drivers are not permitted to handle or deliver any medications for the riders.
  9. Companion riders are allowed to ride on WOTA vehicles free of charge, but they MUST have a registration form on file with the dispatch office prior to riding.
  10. No guns, knives or weapons of any kind will be permitted on our vehicles.
  11. No hazardous, explosive, or corrosive materials will be permitted on our vehicles.
  12. WOTA does not transport any animals (except for trained service dogs), furniture or appliances.
  13. WOTA drivers will assist passengers on and off the vehicles, as needed. Please report any driver that does not assist you if needed and requested.
  14.  A one (1) cart limit of groceries is allowed per household on WOTA vehicles.
  15. No smoking or use of electronic cigarettes is allowed on the WOTA vehicle.
  16. No open containers or consumption of food and drink is allowed on the bus.
  17. If a passenger is verbally or physically abusing or harassing any WOTA passenger and/or employee, that passenger causes an unsafe situation and is subject to probation and/or a loss of service immediately.  Passengers may be promptly returned home or denied a return ride home.  If serious enough, the bus will be stopped and 9-1-1 will be called to escort the rider off the vehicle.
  18. All passengers should be reasonably sanitary and free of extreme or unpleasant odors.
  19. No alcohol or drugs can be used on the vehicles at any time.  Any passenger visibly compromised may be escorted off the vehicle immediately.

Scheduling Policy

  1. Dispatch is available to schedule your ride Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.
  2. You may schedule up to 1 year in advance with up to 2 stops per day. Note: second stops are lowest priority and will be permitted when time allows. You must schedule a second stop before your ride if you think you will need one, such as going to the doctor then stopping at the pharmacy. You can always cancel that second stop. There is a $2.00 charge for additional stops.
  3. Must call at least 48 business hours ahead of appointment, no later than 3pm 2 business days prior. Weekends and holidays DO NOT count in 48 hour limit so appointments made after 3pm on Friday will be for the following Tuesday or later.
  4. Riders must clearly identify:
    i. Destination address AND phone number.
    ii. Specific times: always give appointment time, dispatcher will determine pickup time.
    iii. Number of passengers (ALL passengers must be 18+ and registered).
    iv. Specify if lift equipped vehicle is required.
  5. Voicemail is not available to schedule rides. You must speak with dispatch between 8am-3pm.
    f. Dispatcher will give you a time for pick up when you schedule your ride and will not call back unless you are on a waitlist.
  6. You must remember your time and day of pick up and be ready and waiting 15 minutes in advance of pickup time. We have a 15-minute window of time either before or after a scheduled time that you may be picked up. If you are not ready for pickup when the driver arrives, you may be left, and it will be counted against you as a no-show. Continued tardiness or not cancelling could result in possible loss of service.
  7. Driver will wait up to 5 minutes for rider acknowledgement and a call will be attempted before leaving. If the driver arrives and you must be delayed, call dispatch at (248) 887-4979 and notify them of the delay. If the driver can wait s/he will, if not another driver may/may not be sent.
  8. Standing appointments may be scheduled. You MUST call and cancel if not going.
  9. WOTA will not schedule a return ride from any procedure that involves anesthesia.

Cancelation Policy

  1. You may call (248) 887-4979 to cancel rides 24 hours a day.
  2. Voicemail is available to cancel rides at any time.
  3. You must cancel at least 2 hours before your scheduled time or it will be considered a no-show.
  4. If you have 3 no-shows (or late cancels) in a one-month period, this will result in a loss of riding privileges and being put on probationary status for 30 days.

Customer Feedback

If you have feedback, positive or negative, direct your comments to WOTA’s Deputy Director at (248) 887-4979.  They will evaluate and respond, or if necessary, escalate a complaint when warranted.

Fare Policy

  1. The amount charged per ride (one way) is $2.00.
  2.  If rider is not ready when the bus arrives, a call will be made and if there is no answer, the bus will
    leave, and the rider will be charged $2.00 for a no-show. If dispatch can send another bus to pick
    up the rider, they will be charged $2.00 again for that ride. All riders must be ready for their ride
    15 minutes AHEAD of scheduled pick-up times.
  3. There is a $2.00 charge for each time you get on the vehicle. So, if you are scheduled for two
    stops you will have to pay two fares, plus your return home
  4. Late cancellations (less than 2 hours before the driver arrives) will not be charged but will count as one of the three late/no-shows allowed in one month. Three no-shows or late cancellations in one month may lose service the following month. The Director will make determinations regarding extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
  5. For Senior and Disabled - One (1) Aid or companion rides free, each additional Aid/Companion
    pays $2.00 and MUST be registered.


  1. These are just a partial listing of our guidelines.  Please refer to the button at the top for the complete list.
  2. If we suspect something is amiss, we reserve the right to call for a non-emergent welfare check to ensure your safety and well-being.

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